About Courtney


Hello! And Welcome to Treating With Music And Melody! My name is Courtney Neff and I am a Board-Certified Music Therapist.

I knew as a senior in high school that I was going to become a Music Therapist someday. After hearing that my high school band director’s wife was a music therapist, I thought to myself, music therapy? What is that? All it took was writing a research paper on the career of music therapy in my English class one day, and I was hooked. I loved the fact that I could use something that I love and am so passionate about to help people. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy at Western Michigan University and went on to finish a nine month clinical internship working for the Kalamazoo Public School District for children at risk as well as children with developmental disabilities. A few months after obtaining my certification, I moved to Boston, Massachusetts in hopes of broadening my skills and opening myself up to more job opportunities. I gained experience working at a residential facility for adults with dual diagnosis of developmental disabilities and psychological disorders. I then worked for an Early Intervention Program where I provided music therapy services for children with developmental disabilities less than 3 years of age and their families under a family-centered model. A year later, I attended The Robert F. Unkefer Neurologic Music Therapy Training Institute where I received specialized training in neurologic music therapy.

After living in Boston, Massachusetts for two years I decided that I had enough of the big city hustle and bustle and decided to move back to the Midwest where I landed a job at a small healthcare company that focused on in-home care and therapy. I worked with children and adults with various medical diagnoses such as developmental disabilities, stroke, Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia, and emotional/mood disorders.

Currently, I’m now living in Cincinnati, Ohio and working for a wonderful non-profit Catholic nursing home. It is truly a beautiful and humbling work environment where nuns take in the elderly poor and provide them with a loving home. I created a brand new music therapy program for the nursing home and provide group music therapy as well as 1:1 music therapy for all of the 80 residents. I work with many residents who have a diagnosis of stroke, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson’s disease.

I absolutely love my job, so much that I’ve started this blog to share with others what music therapy is, how awesome it is, and what it can do.

Life without music, would be a mistake.